Cuddly Bear Theme Candy Buffet

Last October 17, 2015, we welcomed my nephew Arcy to the Christian world in St. Anne Parish Church. The baptism was followed by a dinner party at home for family, relatives, friends and for Arcy’s godparents.

Since I’m a fan of candy buffet or dessert bar, I have set up a cuddly bear theme candy buffet for my little cuddly and adorable nephew.candy buffetThe night before the celebration I did the table skirting which I really need practice on. I also made some cake pops which took me hours to finish yet very enjoyable to make.candy buffetFor the candy buffet, we had some strawberry filled donuts, cake pops, cupcakes, tootsie roll candies, marshmallows, white chocolate lollipops, blue berry flavored chocolate lollipops, bear-shaped and heart-shaped dark chocolates plus a chocolate fountain.PhotoGrid_1445027711532We also prepared and cooked foods for the guests.  I know how tiring it is to do everything ourselves but I think my mom, sister and brothers including yours truly make a great team when it comes to food preparation and throwing a simple house party. If there are things that we love they can include cooking, eating and sharing our blessings to others through food.

Everyone went home with something sweet to take home. The celebration was simple yet meaningful.