My visit to Indonesia was good; I was with my friends.  We stayed in Best Western Mangga Dua Hotel which is a nice hotel.  The food was great in such hotel.

Jakarta Indonesia Hotel in Jakarta

We explored Jaya Ancol Dreamland, a recreation park in Indonesia. The place has loads of rides like rollercoaster, carousel etc. What struck me most was the “Tilt House” as I felt dizzy when I explored the inside of the Tilt house in Dunia Fantasi; everything is leaning.  It’s a nice recreation area for families and the place can be explored for one day.

Ancol Dreamland Jakarta Ancol Dreamland Jakarta Ancol Dreamland Jakarta Ancol Dreamland Jakarta

There’s a beach beside a road and loads of people are swimming even if it’s night time. We also saw an art performance in an open-air stage. We also went to a museum.  It was a nice museum to learn more about Indonesia. The food and transportation fare were affordable.

Dining In Jakarta Show In Jakarta School In Jakarta Museum In Indonesia

Our vacation in Indonesia went too quickly but it was alright.