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My trip to Brunei last September 2012 was a nice experience; it was also a much-needed escape from work related stress and pressures. It was just a relaxing three-day vacation where I experienced the peacefulness of this small but rich country.

Mosque in Brunei Mosque in Brunei

In our trip, we visited the Golden mosque and other mosque in Brunei, the Empire Country Club, two museums, one international school and a mall.  We also went to see their water village.  We tried several restaurants that offer Asian cuisines.

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What struck me most was that most mosques are made of gold and gemstones.  And one other thing, there are no taxi cabs in Brunei.  You’ll have to ride in other people’s car and pay the car owner to get to the places you want.

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Brunei is a nice place to visit if you want some peace and quiet.=)