My Singapore Experience

My trip to Singapore was quick but incredibly memorable. It wasn’t only unforgettable because the place was really amazing, I had a great time, and I made new friends but also because we missed our flight back to the Philippines. Yes, missing our flight back to our country made our travel indeed memorable; we were late going to the airport. Ha ha ha! It’s really a long story and I can’t help but laugh imagining myself (angry, pissed off, frustrated and feeling stupid) at that moment. Luckily, there were a few internet-ready  computers in Changi airport and so we were able to book another flight back to the Phils.

I love Singapore and everything about it! It’s really a nice country to live in! It’s a country with an aesthetic appeal. It’s very clean, very organized and the people are so disciplined.

We arrived at Singapore around 1 o’clock in the morning of November 25, 2010 at Changi airport. Because it was still dark, I wasn’t able to get a glimpse of its beauty upon our arrival. We rode a cab from the airport going to Bukit Batok. The cab driver was honest and very friendly.

Bukit Batok Singapore Bukit Batok Singapore

We stayed at the house of my friend’s friend in Bukit Batok which helped us saved a lot plus we got ourselves a free tourist guide. Definitely helpful and I’m so thankful!  We usually take the bus or train going to our destinations.

Going to Sentosa Sentosa Cruise Ship
The places that we visited on our first day in Singapore were Sentosa and the Universal Studios where one can find lots of rides, dining places, attractions and entertainment for all ages. Such places are really worth visiting.

Sentosa Christmas Tree Sentosa Standee

Universal Studios Singapore Universal Studios Singa   Inside Universal Studios Singapore 4 Jurassic Park Universal Studios Inside Universal Studios Singapore 2 Inside Universal Studios Singapore

On our second day, we went to Marina Bay Sands.  The building looks very artistic, stunning and one of a kind. After that we went to the Singapore Flyer which can be reached by foot from Marina Bay Sands passing through an artistic-looking bridge and the People’s Park. We rode the Flyer and it was an awesome ride, giving me a bird’s eye view of the city.

Marina Bay Sands Bridge Marina Bay Sands View View Of SingaporeSingapore Flyer Peoples Park

Food tripping is always a part of our getaway. We’ve tried many different  Singaporean dishes and even if they’re new to my palate, they’re unique and delectable.

Singa Foodie Mee Siam Singaporean Food Somewhere In Singapore

Because our visit to Singapore was short of time, there were many great places that we haven’t visited like Clarke Quay and Merlion that’s why I’ll be visiting this country again someday.