Angela Christi

Bio: Hello! My name is Angela Christi. I'm a computer science graduate who happily works at home as a freelance web content writer, online researcher, virtual assistant, link builder and SEO technician since 2007 for US and UK based SEO and web design companies. I consider myself as a natural introvert. I am nocturnal as I prefer to work during the night. There are many things that I love in life. I love food, coffee, travel, cooking, shopping, gardening, landscaping, interior decorating, outdoor adventures, sports, music, technology, arts and crafts, as well as party planning and organizing. Driving around singing my favorite songs, exploring new places, restaurant eating and not to mention blogging are one of my hobbies. I would describe myself as certified musicholic, coffee addict, chocolate monster, backpack traveler, adrenalin junkie, budget geek, daydreamer, food and restaurant tester, typical fan girl, frustrated singer and drummer, horror movie fanatic, tech junkie and aspiring landscape and interior designer and chef. I believe in optimism, giving back, good deeds, harmony, honesty, dedication and hard work and abhor dirty politics. =)

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Angela,
    I wanted to put a comment on your recent post “Dear Diary”, but couldn’t see the comment box.
    Just wanted to put in that whatever you’re dealing with is just a part of your life, it is not going to stay long this way. You know, the part is not greater than the whole life.
    Happy days are ahead. Smile & breathe. 🙂
    And yeah, I know you must be a brilliant chef, hope you cook veg food too (I am vegi). 😛

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