Little Euan’s Mustache Bash

Oh yeah, better late than never! It was really late to celebrate and there were a lot of time constraints but thank God we managed to celebrate my nephew Euan’s special day.

My little nephew Euan turned 4 last November 21, 2016 but we were able to celebrate his birthday at home just last December 2, 2016 due to our very hectic schedules. And yes, thank you very much God for another year of Euan’s life!

Speaking of Euan’s mustache bash….There are many cool birthday party themes but I chose the little mister theme because I think it fits my nephew, who is a funny, cute, hyperactive and smart little young man.

For the decorations, I only focused on the candy buffet area and prize table. I used pastel colors such as pastel blue, light yellow and white and black for accent for a cool visual effect. I used some pastel colored storage crate, grey and white stripe cloth, white mugs, black bird cage décor, tiny cabinet, eyeglass, balloons, bow ties, grey hat, wrapped used bottles, mustache cut-outs and wooden picture frames.

img_20161204_150408Euan’s mustache birthday bash was a family effort. Everyone in our family chipped in and had our own tasks. As usual, I’m always in charge of the party planning, candy buffet decorations, invitations, some party giveaways as well as games for kids.

My brother and his wife made the cool little mister cake, cupcakes, molded chocolate lollipops and sugar cookies. They also took care of the prizes and giveaways. My mom and the rest of my family took charge of cooking the food and beverages. How I wish we had our event styling and catering business because we truly make a great team.


Taking charge of the games was also fun! We’re happy that the birthday boy and the guests enjoyed our simple party.


The little man theme is perfect for kids’ birthday and baby shower parties. Such theme is cool and easy to style.

It’s really fun to celebrate kids’ birthdays. And, it’s my passion and happiness to organize and style the special events of my family members.