A Halloween Birthday Party For Liam

Weeks before the Hallows’ Eve, I got this eagerness to be able to style a cool Halloween themed birthday party for kids without breaking the bank. And yes, I was able to do it when my nephew Liam turned 2 last 30th of October.


My very supportive mom and I planned to throw a simple and fun party for Liam 7 days before the date of his birthday. Since it’s October, we thought that Halloween would a perfect party theme. And, it was!


Because Halloween parties, scary gimmicks and trick or treating are not so common in our country since past 2005 I think, according to my observation, I became curious and excited of how it feels to have a fairly spooky party.


Luckily, creepy decors are on super sale; the timing is so perfect. I was able to get the things that I needed for the backdrop and candy buffet at extremely low prices.


Everything in the party was a family effort. The candy buffet, party decorations and games are on me and my mom and sister on the food and drinks. My brother and sister-in-law made the mummy cake, weird cupcakes, pumpkin-looking cake pops and ghost lollipops. Everyone helped in cooking the food. My little Anika and brother drew some weird faces on the balloons. We used a lot of old things including some toys, containers and cloths found in our home and most of the things are DIY (do-it-yourself).

I didn’t expect that a Halloween kid’s party would be really fun but it sure was! Pardon me for my naivety; this is my first time to experience to set up for and celebrate this occasion in a fun way.

I had so much fun putting weird decors and setting up the candy buffet. Doing a simple skull face make-up was also enjoyable. Kids dressed in their favorite costume are delightful to see. It was an awesome first time experience for me and my family.

There were no tricks just lots of sweet treats for adults and kids. We’re happy that our little Liam’s special day was celebrated and our guests had fun. I’m looking forward to do another spooktacular party next year.