Arcy’s 1st Incredible Hulk Birthday Party

Children’s parties are fun and enjoyable to set-up! Incredible Hulk theme is an awesome theme for a little boy’s birthday party.

hulk set up 2

My sister wanted to throw a party for his little one Arcy. The theme was actually Incredible Hulk. I was assigned or rather volunteered to help set up the backdrop and the candy buffet for Arcy’s 1st birthday. At first, I was prejudice of the theme but as we made plans it turned out to be an enjoyable theme to have. We searched all of our inspirations online and fused different ideas to be able to come up with our own set up.

hulk cake

As a huge fan of DIY stuffs, most of the things were done by us (me, my sister and brothers). We had a board made and polished it with a varnish to look like a nice dark wood. We framed Arcy’s photos from his first month to 12 months showing his milestone.

hulk set up 5

In our candy buffet, we had mallow pops, lollipops, candies, chocolates, cupcakes and cake. My brother and his wife made the Incredible Hulk inspired cake and cupcakes. Instead of cake pops, I made some mallow pops because it’s a bit quick and easy to make.

For our banner, we downloaded and printed a free Incredible Hulk birthday banner. Isn’t it nice to find loads of free printables online? They just save me a lot of time from creating a birthday banner from scratch.

The Incredible Hulk toy collection of the celebrant’s dad made the set up awesome. The toys were huge carved stone that look like Incredible Hulk.

The party of my nephew was last June 27, 2016 and was held in Esca’s Garden Restaurant in our local area. The place is great particularly for parties and function plus the foods they serve are delicious yet reasonably priced. Among the food on the buffet table, I have to say that the Chicken Ala King was great!


A magician was hired to facilitate the program and the games. Children and adults enjoyed the magic show, the games and the nice useful prizes.

hulk set up prizes

The party was a success and the mom and dad of Arcy were happy. Guests went home with full stomach, loads of prizes and smile in their faces.

hulk pabitin

I’m glad I had the time today to blog my nephew’s birthday party. Hopefully, I’ll be blogging more kid’s parties soon.