Dear Diary

personal diary

Life ain’t easy but I’m striving to be happy and trying hard to make the most out of it.  2012, 2013 and 2014 have been the hardest, saddest and most depressing days of my life.  I’ve been lost and have lost a lot.  Oh well, that’s life! I was burned out and I feel so uninspired and demotivated. I don’t know if I can get back on track again.

But what’s clear to me is that I want to be a chef a someday and travel more. I believe it’s not too late to fulfill my dreams – feeling hopeful and a bit excited to go back to school someday.

I got a lot of time for myself now but I miss my old life, my past jobs, my writing and SEO tasks and my good clients in the internet marketing field. I felt sorry that I left them for some personal reasons and I somehow regretted it. Yeah, I know there’s no point in crying over spilled milk, but somehow I can’t help it. There are lots of ‘ifs’; if only I was emotionally strong and physically fit perhaps, I would have not given up my work so easily. Oh well, I can’t bring back the past and life must go on.

At this time, I just want to be like a leaf on the wind and give myself some time because sometimes all we truly need is some time off.