What Love Has Taught Me

It’s all about LOVE this February.  I can feel the Feb fever getting higher.


Love…for me…is such a beautiful word that has many different meaning and that has imparted us with bittersweet experiences.

It feels wonderful to be in love. But realistically, love bites! It can without a doubt make you or break you. You’d be very lucky if you have found an ever faithful lover but that rarely happens. You know what I mean.

And speaking about love….

Love has brought me so much joy, inspiration, excitement, challenges, frustration, failures, depression, anger, heartaches and regrets. From having butterflies in my stomach to blushing cheeks and that ecstasy feeling, requited love has made me experience romance, intimacy and bliss like there is no tomorrow not to mention it has also made me hate and become resentful.

Loving someone truly and unconditionally, I value honesty, fidelity, forgiveness and self sacrifice yet love has even broken my heart bringing me crippling emotional pain, sleepless nights and anxiety that I felt rage and almost lost more than just my sanity.

Love has made me cry myself to sleep and shut myself to the rest of the world. But I gained a lot from love’s pain; that killer pain made me wiser, bolder, stronger, more appreciative and even more sensitive especially to the broken hearted. I’ve also proven that time truly heals all wounds but the scar remains and that giving second chances is a choice and a risky decision to make.

I learned that acceptance is the key to moving forward and true love exists bearing all things, enduring all things.

I realized that you got to love yourself first before loving others.

Love has messed up my life yet improved me from my past like a Phoenix that is reborn from its ashes.

Love has taught me that it’s your one great love that will cause you so much pain. And, from that emotional pain, I gain…..