Cheeseboard Galore

Making my own cheeseboard platters was something that I wanted to do last Christmas of 2019. Sadly, it was the hectic schedule of Christmas parties, weddings, family gatherings and college reunions that hindered me to do so.Vgd 5Cheeseboards, I think, are not really trendy in the Philippines not only because it’s a bit expensive but because not all Filipino taste buds are into them like wine and cheese. But today, it’s making its way in the modern age especially now that many Filipinos, especially those in the culinary, food styling and events field, are open to new and trendy things.Vgd 6I’m not a chef but I like to get a taste of new foods and things like grazing table, grazing box, charcuterie, cheese platter and cheeseboards – whatever you call them; lol.Vgd 7So, on my dad’s birthday; before he was about to turn 70 last August 31st, I started planning what will be the best theme and nice meals to serve for his special day. The first thing that I asked myself was, “What are the foods that become delicious with age and time?” Then wine and cheese came into my mind.vgd-1When my father’s 70th birthday came last August 31st, it was the perfect time for me to make some cheese board platters. Since I’m new to this, I did my research and listed all what I needed for my cheeseboard presentation. Wow, it was quite a long list and a bit expensive than I thought especially, the paddle boards and cutting boards that I bought. Ha ha! I got my excitement going when I was gathering all in ingredients and what I needed at the store.Vgd 8My cheese board consisted some healthy nibbles like strawberries, oranges, grapes, kiwis, dragon fruit, crackers, crusty bread, cheese, dips, salami, pastrami, chicken ham, nuts, olives, pretzels, milk chocolate, dark chocolates, cupcakes, wafers and cookies. Assembling cheese board for the first time was a bit time consuming and nerve-wracking as I wanted to make lovely and perfect platters. It took me more than an hour to graze but I really had fun arranging, filling the boards and making my presentation.vgd 9What’s great about grazing platters is that you can put as many nibbles as you want. You can also categorize the foods that you want to add into and fill into the boards. The possibilities are endless and they are nice to mess with.Vgd 11It was a cheeseboard galore kind of celebration. My family and relatives love and enjoyed it. I was, of course, filled with bliss, too. Cheese board platters are entertaining, really pretty, elegant and healthy. They are great for any occasion. I can’t wait to do more cheese board platters on our next celebration. Vgd 15Happy 70th birthday pops! I hope you enjoyed your birthday despite the Covid-19 pandemic. I really want to thank you for your love and support! I wish you good health, happiness, inner peace, prosperity and longer life. May all of your wishes and dreams come true! Love you!