Milk and Cookies Party

Kids just love milk and cookies. I bet you too love to dip your cookie into a glass of milk before eating it. Having the cookies and milk party is sure to give delight not just to kids but to adults as well.

This kind of party theme is not just fun but easy to prepare at the same time because you can just get different types of cookies and fresh milk at a grocery store especially if you are not into baking; just like me!

Last 23rd of June 2018, I organized a milk and cookie birthday party for my nephew Arcy at home. This was his 3rd birthday and yes this is a very late post!

We decorated one corner of the house with a long table covered with cream and brown table cloth and adorned it with white, brown and gold party balloons, ribbons and other decors.

Sweet edibles like chocolate cakes, brownies, black sambo dessert, different varieties of crunchy and delicious cookies, fresh milk and chocolate milk made the corner enticing and exciting. We poured the milk into the mason jars and into tiny milk containers with adorned it with white cloth and dark brown ribbon.

Black sambo dessert making was a feat for me; good thing my brother lent me some helping hand in the kitchen.

Just like old times, setting a sweet corner gives me excitement and enjoyment.

The birthday boy and our guests enjoyed trying different cookies and milk on the table.

What they didn’t know I had fun choosing various cookies and milk at the store. =)