Christmas Eve Celebration

Happy birthday Jesus! I’m celebrating your birthday and mine as well! You are the reason why we celebrate Christmas! This is a wonderful time of the year that deserves a very special attention.

foodie bdaycake

Christmas Eve is very special for me. Celebrating the birth of Christ has been a tradition in our family. We celebrate it through attending mass, preparing various dishes, sending Christmas greetings, family bonding, getting together, food sharing and gift giving. We take this celebration seriously and it’s like there’s feast in our home.

chocolates giftsforxmasparty

I hope and pray that everyone will have a blessed and merry Christmas! Give joy; spread the love and kindness to others not only this Christmas season but everyday of your lives!

Merry Christmas!!!


Getting Ready For Christmas

I can’t deny that I love it when it’s “Ber” months. I’m a big fan of the Christmas season. Perhaps, because my birthday falls on the 25th of December – the birth of Jesus Christ.

Speaking of getting ready for Christmas… I had our Christmas set up and put up some lights on our entrance door. I’m also going to be hanging a colorful Christmas lantern outside of our home soon. It excites me!getting ready for ChristmasChristmas tree Christmas lightsChristmas decors

It took me nearly four hours to finish setting up and decorating our treasured Christmas tree along with all other preparatory measures . It’s a bit daunting but it’s worth the effort!

Christmas is the time of the year that I really enjoy most; yes,  for many reasons like Christmas parties, gift giving, family reunions, get-togethers,  days off from work and Christmas bonus (if I’ll be lucky to get one from a generous client).   Of course, as a Christian I always make sure to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and truly, it’s not just all about the gifts under the Christmas tree, special dinners, or the lights and the stockings hanged on the windows but rather the coming of a no ordinary baby, Jesus Christ. It’s also the time to share our love and joy to others.

Setting up Christmas decorations in our Christian home had become one of my hobbies and a sacred ritual -it’s something special for our family. This beautiful time of the year deserves a beautiful attention!